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Deluxe Oyster Shrimp Crab Platter


Serves 2-3 people.

Comes with:

- 4 cooked Quebec snow crab sections (approx. 7oz each crab section) 
Total: approx. 750-800g

- 12 cooked Pacific cocktail shrimp (with cocktail sauce portion 3oz)
Total: approx. 200-215g

- 2 dozens (24) of freshly pre-shucked Raspberry Point oysters from PEI

Sauces included:

- 2 types of Oyster Mignonnette sauces (3oz portion cups)

- 1 lemon

- Seafood cocktail sauce (3oz portion cup)


Delivery available on the island of Montreal.

Member Of the Prince Edward Island Oyster Society


MAPAQ certified

(L.R.Q., C.P-29,A.40)