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Shiny Sea Oysters

This oyster presents itself beautifully on the half shell for the delicate oyster slurper. These are full with plump meat that has an immediate salty taste and ends with a subtle sweet finish. Fresh Canadian Atlantic “Choice Quality” oysters are pre-opened and served cold.
Platter includes:
  • 25 Oysters from Prince Edward Island
  • 1 Lemon
  • 2 (8oz) Oyster Sauce Garnishes (mignonettes)
  • Thai Chili Sauce (spicy but not too spicy)
  • Classic Shallot Vinegar Sauce (house favorite)

Delivery available on the island of Montreal.

Member Of the Prince Edward Island Oyster Society


MAPAQ certified

(L.R.Q., C.P-29,A.40)